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Veronica Allenger

Owner | Senior Electrologist

Certified Professional Electrologist

When I  was 13, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in which one of the most horrible symptoms was hirsutism (male patterned hair growth on the face coupled with hormonal imbalance). Amidst teasing and being shunned from peers, I started electrolysis treatments at 14 years old and it lifted my self esteem and catapulted me into more confident teenage years. I know first hand the embarrassment of hair where it shouldn’t be and can be a huge support for others going through the same difficulties. 

I’ve completed 500 hours of training from Swanson’s Canadian Institute of Electrolysis in Alberta. In October 2009, I expanded my certification by completing the Certified Professional Electrologist exam offered by the Federal Canadian Electrolysis Association. In June 2010, I completed an Advanced Electrolysis Electrocoagulation course  which helps in removing minor skin blemishes. I am an active member of the Canadian Organization of Professional Electrologists and the Federal Canadian Electrolysis Association and have dedicated myself to helping others feel better and more confident about their appearance.

Jeanine Dicran

Certified Electrologist Ι Esthetician 

In 2003, I graduated with honours in esthetics and electrolysis from Ottawa Academy. One of my first jobs was as a laser technician. I was trained on the job, I have since been re-certified in 2016 at Ottawa Academy.
After doing only laser for 6 months, I realized that I wanted to be able to offer a fuller range of services to my clients. Over the years,  I’ve attended many trainings on various products and facial techniques. I specialize in Brazilian waxing and use both hard and strip wax. I did an eyelash extension course in 2016. Electrolysis is still one of my favourite things to do. It’s very satisfying to see less and less hair return. I love being able to make my clients comfortable and seeing them leave happy.

Ashly Barrie

Certified Electrologist Ι Medical Esthetician

After graduating from Ottawa Academy, I realized quickly that electrolysis was going to be my future. For me, there is no parallel to other forms of hair removal. Electrolysis remains the most versatile, treating hairs of any type and on any skin type. I’ve been working as an electrologist sine August 2019, 1 month before I received my diploma with honours. I also love doing other esthetics but electrolysis is where my heart is. I love the response from a happy client! I am so excited to be working with a team and all the extraordinary clients I get to meet!

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